Selected Conferences/Events

  • 2015 Invited by Birmingham School of Art to give an Artist's talk on professional practice followed by an afternoon of one-to-one tutorials with students

  • 2008 Consultant collaborating with ICIA’s curatorial team to devise their 2008 themed programme of exhibitions, performances and talks entitled So far… Arts, Spatialisation and Memory

  • 2008 Co-directed So far… Arts, Spatialisation and Memory symposium, ICIA, University of Bath

  • 2007 DDD8 In conjunction with ICIA, the Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts, Presentation on the film For One more Hour with You, Director Alina Maraz

  • 2006 Co-directed Present – Trauma, Art and Representation symposium, ICIA, University of Bath

  • 2005 Chaired sessions at DDD7 the conference on Death Dying and Disposal, organised by the Centre for Death and Society, University of Bath

  • 2002 Director and organiser of the international, trans-disciplinary conference Public Representation and Private Mourning: Commemoration and Memorial, Watershed Media Centre, Bristol

  • 1991 Instigator and co-ordinator of panel and audience discussion Perspectives on the Gulf , Hereford Shire Hall, 16th February. The event drew an audience of over 100 during the Gulf War, between Operation Desert Storm and the liberation of Kuwait.

    A large panel of speakers included: 

    Dawn Primarolo, MP
    Jim Swire, Bromsgrove GP and father of Flora Swire, who was killed in the Lockerbie bombing in 1988
    Dr Qureshi from Birmingham Mosques